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Folad Plast Sabz Gostar (Sorin) Company has been active in the field of production of various types of metal wires since 2016 and has presented many innovations in this field that have facilitated the use of this equipment in the country’s steel industry.

The management of Folad Plast Sabz Gostar (Sorin) , Mr. Vahid Hassan Yazdi, as an innovative person in this field, after obtaining the relevant licenses, is registering and innovating in wire industries (rolling, traction, plastic coating), which have many years of experience in this field and create entrepreneurship. They have been made in the country and the recycling of construction profiles is also one of the characteristics of the production line equipment of this complex and having fences and nets under construction using production profiles in order to increase the added value of manufacturing industries.

Our future plans:

Production of more and more diverse products, for example, in different types and colors, and sizes with different sources at a minimum cost

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Folad Plast Sabz Gostar (Sorin)

Introducing the CEO

Mr. Vahid Hassan Yazdi, CEO and Founder of Folad Plast Sabz Gostar (Sorin) Company, is registering and innovating in the wire industry (rolling-stretching-plastic coating), whose resume can be downloaded

Born: 1970-07-21
Degree: Bachelor of Accounting, Azad University, Central Tehran Branch
Occupational qualifications: Licensed in wire industry – Membership in the union of blacksmiths in wire industry – Certificate of wire industry training course – with a professional technical degree in welding 180 hours

Contact number: 00989121093338




Plastic coated wire for use in net weaving, coat hanger, and flower making


Rolled spring wire and plastic cover for use in the bride’s skirt


Next to the sheet which is the raw material for production


Rolled and annealed belts to enter the production line


Rolled wire in a variety of sizes for spring washer applications


1.5 wire reinforcement for construction purposes

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Address: Number 1, Lajevardi Alley, Saba Shahr, Teharn, Iran

Telephone: 00982165623256

Mobile Number: 00989121093338

Email: info@foladplast.ir